Yo, people! And congrats for coming to this part of tumblir... you poor person your stuck with me :P. Let me introduce myself i am an australian teen and i have an obsession with j-pop, k-pop, doctor who, cosplayers/ coplaying as characters from shows, anime, vocaloids, did i mention anime.... so basically most stuff that its hard to pay for in my country.

This Tumblr blog is basically me posting images, videos, quotes and all that jazz that i find amusing or want to share with people! If you have the same interests as me and found something cool that i may like feel free to contact me!
I am also all about lending a helping hand or an ear in this case if you need someone to talk to :). So without further ado welcome to this blog of utter madness and hopefully fun.
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For those who don’t get higurashi reference :)

Posting this for the lolz

Posting this for the lolz

Lol… that and hes crazy weight lifting

Hes the dude you believe in to believe in yourself!

Challange excepted … here goes nothing…

  1. Konata (Lucky Star),
  2. Prussia’s? bird Gilbird? (Hetalia),
  3. Beck poster (Beck)
  4. Ichigo’s sword and the temporary soul reaper badge(Bleach),
  5. Ed’s automail (Fullmetal Alchemist),
  6. Haruhi’s arm band (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya),
  7. Lelouch’s eye and poster (code Geass),
  8. Allen Walker tattoo and Timcanpy (D. Gray Man),
  9. Yoko’s hair pin (Gurren Lagann),
  10. Beck poster (Beck Mongolian Chop Squad),
  11. Monkey D. Luffy wanted poster (One Piece),
  12. Light’s Death Note (Death Note),
  13. Lord Death skull (Soul Eater),
  14. Elisa’s skull hair clip (the world god only knows)
  15. ninja forehead protector (Naruto)
  16. Himeko’s cowlick (Pani Poni Dash),
  17. Go pieces (Hikaru No Go
  18. Vincent poster (pandora hearts) (Lol… thanks for the correction people :P)
  19. The chameleon and hat(hitman reborn)
  20. roller skates (air gear)
  21. Black Modoka (Tsubasa and Holicxxx)
  22. Hei’s mask (darker than black)
  23. Mugen’s Sword (Samurai Champloo)???? Maybe
  24. Oh and that note book looks like the one from (tasogare otome x amnesia)

If you know more send inform me :)

Yea the words sadistic douche comes to mind….. still bearing a grudge for Hughes….

… poor roy…

Hell Yea!!

ha ha Izumi rein shall be violent….

Do the harlem shake dun dun du dun!!

Dai-su-ki…… Ao Haru Ride is going to be one of the best drama romance animes if done like the manga… because the manga is amazing

Howls moving castles Mark is voiced by Josh Hutcherson!!!!!!!!

Mwa ha ha I did this for a project for my Class :)

Supa-Stars Spring into Supanova! Australia’s favourite pop culture expo reveals its first guests for November.

So excited to have Alexander Vlahos and Eoin Macken coming to Australia!!! Aka Mordred and Sir Gwaine from Merlin!!!